griDbug (nerdygridbug) wrote,

[ fanart ] The Aftermath of Responsibility

So crack exchange is over for another round and I'm sure it's damn obvious to EVERYONE what my entry was. So without further ado, I'll post some Sanada and Yagyuu cuteness (there were so many Inui prompts in this one and I was surprised by the fact I keep getting the Rikkai ones XD).

It was hard to really make any of the prompts I got crack, since I guess they were more for writing than for anyone that was doing art. That, plus the fact I don't have a real working knowledge of Yagyuu's character made it a little more difficult to pull out a nice comic... so I just had to kind of work with what I had.

As always comments are appreciated~ <3 I hope you enjoyed~
Tags: crack exchange, fanart, gift art, prince of tennis
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