griDbug (nerdygridbug) wrote,

Cheap Chibi Commissions~!

I am taking chibi commissions because I just got an $800 registration bill for my car and my parents are strapped for cash since they're paying for my sister's wedding (else I would have got a loan from them). If any of you guys that like my art and have a spare $3-$5 hanging around, I'd really appreciate the help. Info is below. Also, I really need the word to get around because I have to get this cash together.

As such: anyone that pimps me to their flist will get a free sketch chibi. All I ask is you link me to your entry where you've done it~ ^_^

I will draw any fandom and any original characters.

Email for commissions: gridbug[at]gmail[dot]com

Email for commissions: gridbug[at]gmail[dot]com
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