griDbug (nerdygridbug) wrote,

[ Original Art ] Cyberia v 2.0 coming soon

Alrighty, so it's been a while since we've seen or heard about Tazi's lame cyberpunk manga Search for Cyberia. Why? Because I've been working on all the preproduction, story telling and issue planning and let me tell you, it's taking absolutely forever. Not only that but I'm trying to hone my angle types, visual flow and a whole bunch of other things my comics lack. I did this one just in one day and for the fun of it. I know it's not awesomely great, but it will be a poster/postcard that will be released with the first issue (yes issue, as in a chapter of 15-30 pages not a 150-200 page volume) of SfC.

Also for shits and giggles, I made it into an anime screen shot because if I get all my characters done up in the animation program, there WILL be short episodes etc of Search for Cyberia being released (but that is alll waaaay in the future when I have at least a VOLUME of comic done - which equates to 8-10 issues).

So... enjoy.

You can go to my Deviant Art to see the full size versions. What do you think? Is it wonderfully full of wank?
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