griDbug (nerdygridbug) wrote,

[ BJD ] Johnny Gabriel

So this is my newest addition, Johnny. I'm currently waiting for his brothers Linus (Lynx) and Mickey (who is paid for and visiting hydrakitten for face up and manicure at the moment. Either way, he's my wonderful little ball of shotabait. I adore him now that he's done (because when he wasn't done, he was totally fugly, I swear).

Anyway his bio is under the next cut (if you hate shota or gayness or are just completely opposed to the idea of consensual underage sex, then don't read it) and pics under the last cut.

Johnny comes from a family of trouble makers. His brothers are known for being notorious and he even has a reputation himself. Though, if you look at the three of them, Mickey, the eldest and the shy one, Linus, the crazy ass bastard and the brains... and him? Well, Johnny, although being the youngest, certainly has it worse off mentally than the other two. Not that he complains about his compulsions. In fact he indulges in them regularly and enjoys them immensely. For an eleven year old, he's rather cynnical and maybe that helps... maybe it doesn't. For the most part it just helps him along the way.

Johnny has Satyriasis (forthose whoe don't know, that is the male version of nymphomania) and for him it is very much a mental illness. He didn't know when, how or what brought on the urge to develop sexually at a rapid rate, it was just something in his hormones. Already driven by compulsion, Johnny's life is also plagued by kleptomania. Usually he doesn't realise he's stealing - but sometimes he does and he likes it. Either way, he doesn't see either of his conditions as a set back in his life. He is who he is and that is a hormone-happy, sticky fingered little prick that the word 'smug' couldn't even begin to describe.

Of course Johnny can't always be fucking... or robbing those he's fucked. So during those times, he's usually with his brothers or hanging outside of the dollar store (because they won't let him back inside anymore). When the dollar store gets sick of him sitting outside, he's usually found in the park, watching the colours and shapes the merry-go-round makes as it blurs in motion.

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